Sorry I Vanished

 Just want to say sorry it's all my fans it still follow me for my disappearance. It's come down to a health issue and that's why I disappeared. On January 21, 2017 I fell in the bathroom at my work and now I cannot move my legs.  When I fell I hit my head on a porcelain sink stone around and landed on the floor. It was almost an hour after my break before anyone came looking for me. I left work in an ambulance that day. And I've been trying to recover ever since getting out of the hospital. So I am sorry if anyone has been worried about me.

What's The Use In Feeling Blue? - Steven Universe - "That Will Be All"

I knew Yellow Diamond was a shitty bitch but forgive my language this is the ultimate low to pick on a Grieving Blue Diamond!!!! yellow needs to be shattered for this shit!!!!!!

SM Injection Tomorrow Night!

as bad things been, I have been looking forward to 8pm on Thursday the 19th of January 2017 for months now. the Sailor Moon R The Movie has been digitally remastered and I'm excited as hell to see it. I need something good like this badly.

Steven Bomb 5 Sneak Peak

I just used my Cartoon Network App on my iPhone to watch a members sneak peak at the first new episode of the upcoming Steven Universe Bomb starting on Monday the 30th!!!!! 5 new Steven Universe Episodes in 4 Days. Greg Talks to BLUE DIAMOND and toys consoling her over the loss of PINK DIAMOND!!!!! I ironically it was Greg's Wife and Stevens Mom, Rose Quartz that Shattered/Killed Pink Diamond. but it is reviled that Blue Diamond is still devastated by Pink Diamonds Death over 5,000 years ago. so my mom has the right to still be devastated by my younger brothers death. but where the sneak peak ends its reviled that Blue Diamond aducks Greg Universe "Steven's Dad" aboard her Blue Hand & Arm Space Ship. I don't know for sure but I'm guessing the Crystal Gems are going to take there newly acquired Roaming Eye "Ruby Squad's Former Ship" to go risqué Greg.
on a side note I hope the reveal why homeward gems have space ships based on body parts.

My horrible Spinal Injury

Apparently my back is so bad I can't feel me gashing my foot open and not notice for 6:30 later.

Alice's Poseidon Computer Build Concept (Memorial RIP Little Brother/Content Creation/Gaming/Streaming Build)

Here are the links for the build parts I have in mine. What do you think? Overkill definitely but its a memorial rip little brother/content creation/gaming/streaming build. What do you think. Its been cut back 80% of overkill items like eight 10tb 3.5 hard drive and a case labs case with pedestal costing $600+.

It would be my first Water Cooled Build. So went large id soft tubbing with compression fittings and dual separate looks for nVIDIA SLi GTX 1080 with Green Coolant & CPU/RAM/Motherboard with Blue Coolant. Green nVIDIA Loop Because my little brother was contracted by nVIDIA to write and Beta Test Driver for not yet released GeForce Cards. Green ran in his blood!!!!!

But I am curious what think of it???? And I making a epic yet reasonable build. If I had unlimited cash id do a 2011-v3 i7-6950x 10 core/20 hyper thread. But I can’t afford a $1,743.00 CPU if my life depended on it

Hope to Replace Games I Had

   i miss some games i used to own but had to sell to buy food and got ripped off on. I hope i can replace my Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, & XIII-3 Collectors Editions someday.

Is Steven Universe an Anime made by America?

   I think the closest American Made Carton to Anime has to be Steven Universe!!! In fact i currently own every Steven Universe Episode * Minisode on iTunes that are currently available. If you cant tell my favorite gem is not a full gem & a fusion. But Stevonnie has such potential even if she is 25% Gem & 75% Human. Anyways back to the topic at hand, did Rebecca Sugar purposely try to make Steven Universe anime styled? It definitely had a deep embedded story line compared to most other American Cartoons. For example as soon as episode 2 "Laser Light Cannon" aired on November 4, 2013, it is hinted at that home world is still interested in earth after 5,000+ years. I think it is amazing that even as early as Season 1 Episode 8 "Serious Steven" aired on January 13, 2014, if u look at the walls as they entered the temple there is a obvious wall drawing of Rose Quartz fighting someone in the Gem War. If u haven't watched the show i am not telling you her opponent at all!!! I hate spoilers and would never do that to anyone myself!!! All i will say is her opponent is finally revealed in Season 3 Episode 102 "Back to the Moon" aired on August 9, 2016.

   But as you can see there is a lot more to Steven Universe then that has been revealed yet. I just hope it would be canceled mid series like The Thunder Cats ReBoot or Stargate Universe. I hate when the story is just stops and may never finish. To be honest i hope in the new Steven bomb starting on January 30, 2017 will revealed what the Mysterious Floating Orb on the Middle Floor of the Diamond Base on the Moon is all About from Season 2 Episode 77 "It Could've Been Great" aired on January 6, 2016.

Remastered Classic Sailor Moon on iTunes

   Well I'm so happy that iTunes has the remastered Classic Sailor Moon. eventually i want the collectors blu rays, but till then I'm happy i have them on my iTunes. they cheaper on iTunes then the collectors blu rays. but I'm a moonie and definitely want the collectors editions. but have 1st, 2nd, and 1/2 of 3rd Seasons so Far (Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, & Sailor Moon S). i hope the do Sailor Moon SuperS and the never dubbed Sailor Moon Stars too!!!!!!!!!

2017 Three Day Migraine

   Well it is now 3 days into 2017 & I still can't shake this stupid migraine headache. I'm not sure if i'll even play Final Fantasy XV today.

Alice's New Blog

   Welcome to My new Blog powered by Blogger. i hope to add lots about me and the Animes i love in the World.
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