Steven Bomb 5 Sneak Peak

I just used my Cartoon Network App on my iPhone to watch a members sneak peak at the first new episode of the upcoming Steven Universe Bomb starting on Monday the 30th!!!!! 5 new Steven Universe Episodes in 4 Days. Greg Talks to BLUE DIAMOND and toys consoling her over the loss of PINK DIAMOND!!!!! I ironically it was Greg's Wife and Stevens Mom, Rose Quartz that Shattered/Killed Pink Diamond. but it is reviled that Blue Diamond is still devastated by Pink Diamonds Death over 5,000 years ago. so my mom has the right to still be devastated by my younger brothers death. but where the sneak peak ends its reviled that Blue Diamond aducks Greg Universe "Steven's Dad" aboard her Blue Hand & Arm Space Ship. I don't know for sure but I'm guessing the Crystal Gems are going to take there newly acquired Roaming Eye "Ruby Squad's Former Ship" to go risqué Greg.
on a side note I hope the reveal why homeward gems have space ships based on body parts.

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